Responsible Gaming Policy



To play money online should be fun and seen as an entertainment activity. The regulation of online gambling and betting in Portugal allows the operation and practice of such activities, provided with the necessary protection and legal framework that is given to both players and operators.
The implementation of Responsible Gambling policies requires concerted efforts, not only by public bodies and operators, but also by civil society in general to ensure that gambling is develops in a legal, informed and healthy manner.

Knowledge and compliance with the law by all parties involved (operators, players and third parties) is absolutely essential in order to achieve this objective: we must not ignore the fact that the illegal gambling is often associated with crime phenomena that pose a threat to public order and a threat to people.

With this policy, we assume a commitment to responsible gaming best practices and we are dedicated to providing a positive and fun gaming experience to all our players.

We decided, therefore, and in compliance with the Portuguese cultural traditions, to pursue the development of our offer focused on mobile phones and other portable devices, which will allow the practice of gambling in social contexts, allowing the sharing of healthy entertainment, looking forward to combat the player loneliness that often the game in personal computer represents.
Moreover, we have designed this game platform so that every player can define rules that, in conscience, better serve their interests.
In addition, we will provide all the necessary information for the full clarification of the player, certain that transparency, integrity and seriousness are key elements that inform and contribute to making the best decisions. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Use, of which this Responsible Gaming Policy is an integral part.


Our bet, our commitment

The Board of Directors of Nossa Aposta has adopted this responsible gaming Policy, recognizing this matter as a priority.
Thus, it is our bet and commitment:

  •  Implement and maintain a set of measures and responsible gaming practices, according to the international regulatory benchmarks of excellence and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;

  •  Include the Responsible Gaming Policy in the overall management of the company, integrating the processes necessary for the operation of the games;

  •  Make available all resources and adequate conditions to the effective implementation of this policy, including the necessary for regular training of workers and employees on the principles, measures and responsible gaming practices of the organization.



The adoption of this responsible gaming policy reflects the firm commitment of Nossa Aposta with the following objectives:

  •  Provide the means for the player to set his own conditions to play in a balanced way;

  •  Inform the player about the risks of gambling;

  •  Make available to players, and the general public, all information about the characteristics and rules of various games from the portfolio of Nossa Aposta, in addition to the information contained in the respective decree-laws and regulations (please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Use for more information);

  •  Safeguard the protection of minors and other vulnerable groups, not only with regard to access to games of Nossa Aposta, but also in the development of games and in its marketing and advertising;

  •  Promote constant interaction between the company and the different stakeholders in the various areas of intervention of responsible gaming, encouraging the sharing of knowledge and information;

  •  Contribute to increasing the knowledge about the best measures and responsible gaming practices and about the possible harmful effects of gambling;

  •  Keep decision-makers and employees of Nossa Aposta updated on that knowledge, so that they can take it into consideration in their strategic and operational management decisions;

  •  Give a dynamic of continuous improvement in the implementation and development of this policy.


Setting limits

Deposit and betting limits, as well as alerts on the length of sessions, are part of our Responsible Gaming policy and are available to players so that they can define their gaming activity.
On our platform, the Player may at any time:

  • Set daily, weekly and monthly limits of deposit and bets, in order to organize his/her budget;
  • Set alerts to reality (which inform you of the time that has elapsed since you started playing and whose frequency you can set: 30 minutes, 1 hour or 1.5 hours);
  • Check how much time you have already devoted to the activity of game;
  • Consult the history of his/her account transactions, make "replay" in some games and check the balance.


The above limits, in the possible modalities, will remain active until the Player expresses to Nossa Aposta his/her intention to change them.

After the Player has set a limit, if he/she wants to change, this amendment shall enter into force:

  • After twenty-four (24) hours, should he/she wishes to cancel it or set a less restrictive limit;

  • Immediately, if he/she wants to set a more restrictive limit.

To do this, the Player must go to "My Account", select the "My Account Settings" submenu and choose the limitation he/she wants to change.

The Player can get in touch with our Customer Support team, if he/she needs help or wants to clarify any questions on this topic, by e-mail or through the Site, in the "Contact Us"(please refer to the Gerneral Terms and Conditions of Use for more information).


Cool-off and self-exclusion

Nossa Aposta provides its players cool-off and self-exclusion mechanisms on its Site, through which they can suspend their gaming activity at any time.
The cool-off period suspends the activity of game for a short time, namely 24 hours, a week or a month. As soon as this period ends, the possibility of playing is automatically reactivated.
The self-exclusion period lasts longer, and the players have one of the following options: three months, six months or for an indefinite period.
The player can also self-exclude at Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ). If expressed on the page of the SRIJ, the player will be barred from playing on all operators.
After the termination of the minimum period of self-exclusion and when it has been defined for a longer period than this, the player may request the termination of the self-exclusion. Within one month after the request for anticipation, the player can have access to his/her account again. The same applies to requests made to SRIJ.
If the Player chooses a self-exclusion for indefinite period, his/her account will be terminated and his/her balance transferred to the respective bank account.
The Player can get in touch with our Customer Support team if he/she needs help or want to clarify any questions on this topic.


Protection of minors, incapacitated persons and persons voluntarily prevented from playing 

Under the law, it is prohibited to provide gambling services to minors, who has been judicially declared as interdicted or disabled and to whom is voluntarily (or judicially) prevented from playing. In these terms, Nossa Aposta does not allow the registration in the Site to the people that are in these situations.
Any person in the above situations who attempts to register an account on our Site, or any person assisting a person in the above situations in order to register an account on our Site, is in violation of the General Terms and Conditions of Use of Nossa Aposta.

The following instructions may help protect players' accounts from improper access by people in the above situations:

  • Do not share access data to the Site;
  • Do not activate the function to save the password on the page to access to the Site;
  • Do not share personal data, such as a citizen's card, credit card, or your bank account information;
  • Install control software or internet filter on your computer if there are minors or other persons who are not allowed to practice games and online gambling in your home or place where usually access the game platform. There is on the market a wide range of Provision of parental control software, accessible through any Internet search engine. The following are examples of this type of software: or Nossa Aposta does not have any kind of relationship with these entities.


Player protection

Nossa Aposta platform was designed to allow any player to determine under which conditions he/she wants to play. Additionally, we seek to ensure that the use of our offer is secure (please see our Security and Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions of Use).
The player must guide their game options consciously and rationally, with full control of the money and time that can devote to this activity without jeopardizing their family, financial, social and professional responsibilities.
In order to prevent that gambling does not become a problem, a Responsible Player must bear in mind that:

  • Gaming is not a means of earning income;
  • The winnings depend completely on random or uncertain elements;
  • He/she should only spend on the gambling activity the amount and time you can reasonably afford, so as not to neglect his/her family, financial, social and professional obligations;
  • Nossa Aposta provides a gambling platform with mechanisms that allow the player to define limits of deposits and bets (daily, weekly and monthly), as well as carry out regular breaks, of short or longer duration;
  • He/she should not play if under the influence of substances that prevent, or in any way affect the free self-determination, undermine the will and accountability of his/her actions;
  • He/she should seek help if he/she detects a change in the attitude towards gambling. You may access to to perform a self-assessment test (

If the player realize that these values and principles are not present in his/her gaming activity, failing to act in accordance with them, he/she can contact “Linha Vida”.
“Linha Vida” is an anonymous, free and confidential of Psychological Counselling public service, upon the surveillance of the Ministry of Health, and without any link to “Nossa Aposta”, in the field of addictive behaviors, including gaming. It provides support, information and referral for people with problems related to gambling, relatives and other people involved, health professionals, community education and intervention, as well as all those who wish to just clarify doubts.
If the Player deems necessary, he/she can contact the line through the following contacts:

Date: 27/09/2017