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No. To reinforce the safety of your deposit, you can only use one Multibanco reference once and during a maximum period of 24 hours.

You should generate a new Multibanco reference for each deposit you want to do. There is no cost for you.

If, by any case, you use a Multibanco reference more than once or after a 24 hours period, we must make a manual reconciliation. We are also dependent on verying a proof of the trasancation and receiving information from the payment provider, which is not immediate. In these cases, please contact our Customer Support.

If the value wasn't immediately added to your Player Account, please wait a little more. Sometimes, there can be a small delay in the communication of the transaction.

If, after 30 minutes, the value is not added to your Player Account, please contact our Customer Support.

To make this process faster, before contacting Customer Support, make sure that the value was taken from your payment account and get the proof of the transaction.

Please don't forget also that you can only use each Multibanco reference once and during a maximum period of 24 hours. Please check the answer to the question "I generated a Multibanco reference. Can I use it more than once and/or after 24 hours?"


The main reason why you can’t deposit is because your account might not be verified yet (see the “Registration” category in these FAQ). Please check if you already sent the necessary documentation to validate your account and if it was already approved.

If after this process you still can’t deposit, please contact our Customer Support to solve this issue as soon as possible. You can do it by email, to, by the chat available on this website, or by phone to 304 500 090.

Nossa Aposta doesn’t have deposits fee.

Yes, you can limit the values you deposit. These limits can be daily, weekly or monthly. To established them, go to “My Account” and after go to “Account Settings” where you can find the options “Deposit Limit” and “Play Limit”.

The limits will be on until you change them. If you want to change it, the change will count:

  • After 24h, if you wish to decrease it;
  • Right away, if you want to increase it.

The minimum deposit limit is 10€ and the maximum is 100.000€.

3D Secure is a protocol that gives higher levels of security when shopping online at secure websites, allowing confirmation that the deposit is being made by the cardholder.

Once the payment has been made, as usual, by entering the card identification data (card number, expiration date and CVV), the system directs the Player to a new page, namely the bank of the respective credit card. On this page you will be prompted for a code that the Player typically receives via SMS. The code received to enter is for single use. The deposit is not fully completed until this step has been validated.

Please contact your bank for activation of this service or if you have any problems during the process.

All deposits that require 3D secure will be declined when the code is not entered correctly.

No, Player balance cannot be negative. Gaming using loan is prohibited by law. Loans to play are also not allowed and the Player must always have sufficient funds in their Player Account to place bets.

In order to deposit your first step is to have a registered account. Once logged into your account, click on your account button and select "Deposit".

A list will show what deposit methods are available for you to use. Select the method you wish to use and follow the simple and easy steps of the method you chose to deposit with.

At our site you can use the following payments methods:


Credit and debit cards:


Visa Electron


Alternative payment methods




Yes, you can check your past deposits. Click on "My Account" and go to the "Transaction History" tab.

Select "My Deposits" from the drop down list and then select the period that you wish to view.

Then press 'SHOW' and the information that you require will appear.

In case you don’t manage to make a deposit with your Visa/MasterCard or if it is your first time depositing with these cards, your bank may be applying restrictions to it. Also check if you’ve entered your details correctly. Please contact our Support Team through live chat so that one of our agents can assist you with the deposit. We also offer alternative safe deposit methods. All deposit methods can be viewed by clicking on the "Deposit" tab in ‘My Account’ screen.