Help / FAQ

The responsible player:

  • Sees gaming as entertainment, not as a job or a way to earn income.
  • Controls their actions.
  • Does not allow anyone to access and use their player account, let alone under 18 minors.
  • Only plays with entertainment money, never placing their financial stability or of those around at risk.
  • Never borrows money to play.
  • Does not play to try to recover their losses.
  • Does not use gaming to try to forget or escape the problems and difficulties of his daily life.
  • Does not play under the effect of substances that can affect their decisions or that can diminish their free will.
  • Sets limits, by themselves, or through the gaming system.
  • Gets help if they notice a change in posture when playing a game.

You can view your transaction and game history through your account. Click on "Account Details" and then "History" where you can select the desired period for the "Transactions" and "Casino Games" respectively. Sports betting history can be consulted through the sports betting page by accessing the "Betting History".

Additionally you can set deposit and play limits. These limits may be daily, weekly or monthly. To set these limits, go to “Account Details” and select the limit you want to set under “Account Settings”.