Cookies Policy


The Nossa Aposta website stores cookies that are used to ensure features that allow for a better browsing and use experience and provide personalized services, under legally permitted terms.

Cookies: what are they?

Cookies are small text files stored on the user's device during the visit to some Internet sites. The use of this type of technology in access to websites is a common practice and does not affect the devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Different browsers allow each user the possibility to refuse their use and eliminate the ones already stored.

Cookies allow us to understand how the website is being used by its users and therefore facilitate their navigation in order to improve their usage experience of the website and and the services provided through it.


Why do we use cookies?

In the digital world, the use of cookies is widespread, having an important role in the functioning of the different websites and access to different digital content, promoting a better user experience for their users. 

In Nossa Aposta, the use of cookies is for the following purposes:

  • Optimizing the user experience through anonymized analysis, making it more simple, quick, interesting and dynamic;
  • Enable measure about the advertising and online digital content more relevant to the user navigation within the site;
  • Ensure the correct user information that are referenced by our affiliate partners;
  • Continuous improvement of our products and services.
Nossa Aposta does not use cookie technology or similar to record external internet navigation. Additionally, commercial activities, marketing or distribution of information based on cookies are also not promoted.

Categories of Cookies

The type of cookies used by Nossa Aposta are as follows:

Session cookies - these are temporary cookies which are deleted from the device when the user closes the browser window.

Persistent cookies - cookies that remain on a user's device for a long period (cookie lifetime) and are used on the site for the user's recognition at the time of his/her return. You can find more information at

Strictly necessary cookies - these cookies are essential to ensure the user's navigation on the site, the correct use of its functionalities and access to secure areas of the Site. Without the use of these cookies, gambling services cannot be provided. As an example of this type of cookies, we have registered visitor cookie, with a unique identifier assigned to the registered user and used for its recognition during his / her visit and upon his/her return to the site.
Performance cookies - these cookies collect information about the use of the site, for example, access to most frequent pages and/or if error messages are being received. These do not collect information that identifies the user, being fully anonymized and only used to improve the way the site works.
Functional cookies - these cookies allow the site to remember custom options (e.g. username, language, etc.), providing more personalized features and user experience-oriented.

Strictly necessary, performance and functional cookies do not collect any information about the user.

Targeting cookies - these cookies are used to provide more targeted advertising to users according to their interests, limit the number of times that it is displayed, assist the measurement of advertising campaign effectiveness and understand user behavior after viewing this campaign. These cookies are usually placed by third-party sites with the permission of the site, allowing to remind the user have he/has visited this site.

How to Manage Cookies

Currently, the modern browsers allow you to view the cookies that exist on your device and delete them individually, or in its entirety. For more information about how to manage your preferences about cookies, please visit the following sites:

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Date: 27/09/2017